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Welcome to

Grace Baptist Church

Sunday School: 9:45 am

Sunday Worship: 10:45 am

Sunday Afternoon: 1:30 pm

Wednesday Prayer Service: 6:30 pm


“Holding Forth the Word of Life”  

[Philippians 2:16]

A Scripture-Focused Church

The Bible is the primary means by which Christ teaches the Church.  In our services and ministries, the message of the Bible is the centerpiece, and it is our aim to take the Word to the world.

A Family-Strengthening Church

We are committed to strengthening the family and helping parents instill conservative values from the Bible in their children.  Our youth and children’s ministries are designed to support parents in their efforts to rear their children God’s way.

A Life-Changing Church

We long to see God change each of us a step at a time through His Word, and we are thankful that He is growing us to spiritual maturity after the example of Jesus Christ.

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